KKGIX Digital Finance


Welcome to a future of intelligent networks enabled by IOTA Distributed Ledger Technology. We enable, explore, and support the creation of intelligent and distributed solutions through digital finance.

Sub-Cultures & Shared Global Issues

For basic human needs, finance, climate breakdown, and degrading eco-systems.

Design & Circular Thinking

For incorporating circular systems into processes to generate efficiencies for long-term sustainability.

Distributed Ledger Technology

For DLT's security, value, and trust mechanisms to enable the creation of non-physical economies.

Shaping The Connected Future

The transition into the age of trust and value with Web 3.0 and Industry 4.0 has already begun. We are living in a significant and rare opportunity to design the future of connected things and it cannot be ignored.
Electric vehicles existed in the mid-19th century, 150-200 years ago, but we did not have the foresight to understand the consequences combustion engines would have on our greater eco-systems.
Imagine the world we might have lived in today, had the complexities of electric vehicle technology been addressed. What other benefits might have been discovered in the process?
We will never know and shouldn’t be condemned to repeat the past. What is certain, is we can design our future eco-systems, and prepare for the complexities involved while keeping long-term impact top of mind.

Understanding The Basics

The DLT Industry comes with an overwhelming amount of complex information. Still, it remains important to be comfortable and familiar with the fundamentals.

IOTA's Tangle Protocol

Designed to be a lightweight protocol to enable the machine to machine (M2M) economy. Understand who is behind it, where it comes from, and why we selected this unique distributed ledger technology.

IOTA Distributed Fundraising

We increase the trust and legitimacy of conceptual, grassroots projects, while enabling financial contributions from around the world. Learn how you can take advantage of this platform.

Why We Matter

Finance as a force for good is achievable - especially in this age. Our advantage is in taking action in recognizing how a natural convergence of trends is taking place and becoming more apparent no matter who we are or where we live. Increased friction within societies around the world is expected and already evident. These impactful trends include:
Internet Topologies: Centralized vs. Decentralized vs. Distributed Power Distribution: Concentrated vs. Irregular vs. Shared Societal Dynamics: Local vs. National vs. International Institutional Topologies: Hierarchical vs. Flat vs. Holocratic
Each trend impacts the other while conflict arises from directly opposing states. More often than not, the natural environment is sacrificed in the process. The convergence is a global issue. The most pro-active method for dealing with conflict and uncertainty is to design through it and stimulate creation. This is where we are positioned. The design thinking process is one of many approaches to confronting the unknown.

Internet Topologies

Centralized vs. Decentralized vs. Distributed Ages of Information, Social Media, Trust & Value

Power Distribution

Concentrated vs. Irregular vs. Shared Governments, Markets, Self-Sovereignty

Societal Dynamics

Local vs. National vs. International Community, Domestic, Global Mindsets

Institutional Topologies

Hierarchical vs. Flat vs. Holocratic Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Distributed Management

The Opportunity

For over 20 years, the internet has impacted society, institutions, and hierarchy slowly enough to be unrecognizable. Though already in motion, the shifts appear to have been exacerbated by the addition of distributed ledger technology and created stark governmental, societal, and financial uncertainties. Such evolution provides opportunity to shape the future.

The KKGIX White Paper

Our white paper describes the relationships between several global trends as well as near term uncertainties and our approach to navigating them.

Coming Soon

Read about the trends and shifts which point to an opportunity to establish a sustainable future.


Multiple funding options exist and we will assess the benefits of each.

Reviewed By Peers & SMEs

This paper completed a multi-stage editing and critique process by subject matter experts in healthcare, education, media, finance, and more.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Co-operation is a fundamental characteristic of what we do. Finding those with shared values is a key focus area for us.

Global Focus

Culture & diversity is a critical trait of our shared values, and the reason we are focused on establishing strategic locations.


Reaching this point is the result of steady planning and iteration. The journey so far has been exciting and we can't wait to begin the next phase. Our 3 highest priorities focus on finance, social value, and sustainable value. Achieving these key areas will allow us to be a solid and nimble organization where creativity can flourish.


A valuable key area because diversity of thought will enable globally inclusive solutions and uncover surprising and unforeseen issues.

Core Team, Remote Team, and Community

Whether as a community or team member, we are looking to bring people together in a project based and driven approach.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Creating sustainable value requires the involvement of existing organizations. Together we can achieve win-win-win outcomes which benefit all stakeholders.

Funding Options

The current landscape remains uncertain regarding digitized securities and we don’t want to create another coin. For now, we are bootstrapping it the old fashioned way and putting our energy and focus into higher priorities.

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