We are a technology & design culture

with a digital finance core

Our Mission

To enable, explore, and support the creation of intelligent and globally distributed solutions through digital finance.


Unlike previous eras, this industrial age involves significant complexity.


The only way to navigate complexity is through shared objectives.


Everyone has an imagination - this can lead to breakthroughs.

Who We Are

We are a technology, design, and education solutions culture with a digital finance core. Our aim is to be the leading financial engine for initiatives in Art, Design, Engineering, and Science by bringing organizations and people closer together.

To achieve our mission of enabling, exploring, and supporting the creation of intelligent and globally distributed solutions we leverage digital finance to support research in STEM fields, the SDG’s, and cultivate subcultures.

With the United Nations SDGs as a benchmark, we are committed to solving global issues in any business area.

KKGIX was originally conceived as a project in the creative arts tech business, but evolved into a digital finance platform after realizing how much more positive impact we could create by focusing on sciences, the (natural) world, and peoples passions; areas we have always maintained a strong connection with and place a high value on and is the logical reason education is a part of our culture.

Furthermore, with these ambitions, we hope to facilitate increased adoption of IOTA protocols into our global social fabric and bring the future to everyone faster and through more sustainable methods. To this end, we support legacy businesses with the challenges of migrating to new processes and also innovate our own solutions to curious issues unique to developing nations and the creative industries.

A combination of technology, design thinking, circular economy systems, and continuous learning make collaboration and diversity of perspectives critical. As an organization created in the internet age of trust and value – an age of lateral power distribution – interdisciplinary approaches cannot be underestimated. Ultimately, we intend to engineer participatory systems that are inclusive of everyone.

Key to this success is you. Unlike Industries 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, our value is derived directly from the community of supporters who believe and share in what we do.

Our Core Focus Areas

STEM Fields

STEM Value Creation
STEM research and development is no longer restricted to large organizations and universities. Formerly a high barrier domain, required resources have been democratized giving anybody, anywhere the ability to do their own research.

United Nations SDG's

Social Value Creation
The world needs a framework to guide future economic development that doesn’t sacrifice our biosphere and the UN SDG’s are a starting point. With social pressure mounting on corporations of all sizes globally the need for exacerbated change is here.


Cultural Value Creation
A shift towards shared interests and values-based identity cultures is growing. While local and national identities persist, global identities are being born through subcultures which are borderless, dynamic, and create a sense of belonging and purpose.
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