What Is A Cyber-Physical System?

Understanding the basics of a CPS

Cyber-Physical Systems

A Cyber-Physical System (CPS) describes an engineered system with highly intricate convergence and synchronization of processes between computational and physical environments. 
CPS is often described as the core of Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, where originating with manufacturing processes, physical and computational systems are seamlessly intertwined creating progressive knock-on effects with associated domains.
Critical to CPS are dynamic, visual management platforms – Digital twins – which extrapolate sensor or actuator data from physical systems.
The above diagram, while somewhat crude, expresses the high-level CPS relationships quite clearly. The bottom third of the image represents various environments in the physical space and the data collected from sensors and actuators.
Data collected moves from the physical space into integrated platforms (Cyber) where the data is processed, refined, and visualized through various software services – all happening in sync and in real time. These processes are represented by the middle and top thirds of the image.
Domains expected to be impacted most include:
– Manufacturing
– Healthcare
– Transportation
– Energy
– Environmental Sustainability
– Aerospace
CPS is a multi-disciplinary area requiring input from various engineering disciplines and expertise to achieve the needed outcomes.


The future involves hyper-integration between cyber & physical environments. Digital twin platforms will increase.

Blue Ocean

Hyper-integration opens new ways of connecting people to each other, to machines, and to the natural environment.

Societal Impact

The combination of CPS & DLT makes it possible, to have a direct impact and sustainable influence on society.

Creative Solutions

New tools and new markets allows everyone and anyone to discover solutions never thought of before.

An Introduction to Cyber-Physical Systems

In this brief introduction by the Science and Technology Options Assessment Panel of the European Parliament, you will be given an overview to what CPS is and what the emerging ethical concerns are of these data-rich systems.

CPS & Industry 4.0

This short clip by Deloitte provides a very succinct explanation of what Industry 4.0 means and how it impacts manufacturing through the use of data.

An Introduction to Digital Twins

Chris O'Connor, the General Manager of the Internet of Things at IBM, introduces and breaks down the role of a digital twin. He discusses how a digital twin is designed, built, and operated in a devices lifecycle.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

In this extended video by the World Economic Forum, the convergence of digital, physical, and biological systems is discussed and how it will impact the global future.

Now you know about CPSs and the 4IR. Learn how we bring it all together.

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