What Is IOTA Distributed Fundraising?

Understanding the basics of IOTA Distributed Fundraising

IOTA Distributed Fundraising

Support the growth of your project through a distributed fundraising campaign.

IOTA Distributed Fundraising is an alternative to traditional funding sources or Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).  We focus on cultivating projects that benefit the world and/or leveraging IOTA technology.

Trust and legitimacy needs to be created around projects, particularly grassroots projects, and furthermore they need access to financial resources.

For those motivated and focused on creating and launching (IOTA) concepts, we are inclusive of initiatives, no matter their size and industry.

We are not built on top of the Tangle yet. Our current iteration mimics existing donation based crowdfunding services.

On the IOTA Distributed Fundraising platform, funds are managed and distributed between supporters and project owners based on concept progress.

Project owners are required to communicate with their contributors through weekly updates and if reasonable progress is not made, contributors are open to request their funds be returned. 

Nevertheless, we are introducing a functional MVP with a time-proven donation-based model, albeit a targeted and niche model dedicated to potential IOTA use cases. We take the traditional model further by vetting projects, which few crowdfunding platforms conduct, leading some to argue that existing services profit on illegitimate campaigns.

Our platform is a starting point that can be leveraged and scaled in step with IOTAs maturing and evolving protocols. To help facilitate adoption and familiarity of the machine to machine economy, it’s our priority to support development of IOTA based projects as well as those focused on creating an advanced future with consideration for biospheric harmony.

Access To Funding

Provides access to funding for projects at a stage most VCs and Angels will overlook.

Concept Validation

Provides a public and transparent method to validate a concepts need/market fit.

Weekly Reporting

Constrained project funding goals and self-accountability reduces risk and concentrates effort on execution.

Maker To Market

Multiple milestone achievements ultimately lead to project completion. We can help you scale to the next phase.

Crowdfunding Creativity

In this TEDx presentation, Kate Russell delves into the benefits of crowdfunding and how it will impact the world, particularly in the creative industry.

Now you are familiar with IOTA Distributed Fundraising. Launch your concept now

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