What Is The Maker Movement?

Understanding the Maker Movement

Number of Maker/Hacker Spaces worldwide

The Maker Movement

The Maker Movement is creativity without boundaries. A world of unhinged open research and development where iteration reigns free and brings back a hands on curiosity and innate appeal to the human condition to create something.

Central to the Maker Movement is participation and shared learning. As a result, communities are born around shared objectives and boosts innovation. The Maker Movement is no comparison to industry production, however the growth, interest, and momentum of 3000+ Maker and Hacker spaces globally cannot be denied.

The journey of a maker is often a personal endeavor which other Makers can relate to. A famously repeated example of a Makers journey is that of Steve Wozniak and Apple, which started in a garage, and credits innovation stemming from the 1970s Homebrew Computer Club.

Similarly, in this age, the democratization of access to STEM domains combined with increased access to tools and hardware, is amplified by global communication and participation. This makes for exciting future possibilities.


Realize opportunities through the inefficiencies of the world around you. Write down the issue and start making a plan.


Build crude prototypes of your theory and test them. Document your journey and the changes that follow.


Failure is part of the process, so fail fast and iterate while keeping track of your achievements no matter small.


Learning and sharing brings new train of thought and can help and inspire new solution approaches.

Are companies adopting the Maker Movement philosophy?

In this short 3:20s video, Steven Goldbach, Principal and Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte summarizes the what the Maker Movement is and, through examples, the impact on traditional business.

Atmel Arduino, the Maker Movement and the Internet of Things

Massimo Banzi, Co-founder and current CEO of Arduino, speaks briefly on the role Makers are playing in large and growing area of creation and innovation and the influence they are having on big industry.

What is the Maker Movement?

John Hagel, Co-Chairman at the Deloitte Center for the Edge, describes how the Maker Movement is spreading to education, production, and retail, and how it enables participation amongst niche segments of society.

Shenzhen: The Maker Movement (Part 2) | Future Cities | WIRED

In WIREDs multi-part documentary Future Cities, Part 2 takes us into the harried epicenter of Shenzhen and shows us how deeply open source hardware and the Maker Movement has been embraced.

Now you're familiar with the basics of the Maker Movement. Learn about ISO crowdfunding

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