IOTA Distributed Fundraising

Pursue Your Vision

IOTA Distributed Fundraising

IOTA Distributed Fundraising

Validate your concept, hardware or software prototype, pursue a creative project, stimulate R&D, or support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Campaigns launched on the IOTA Distributed Fundraising platform are held to only one rule – they must be open to accepting IOTA contributions. Each project follows an all or nothing style of fundraising.

The current iteration of the IOTA Distributed Fundraising platform is a functional minimum viable product (MVP) and is more similar to a traditional crowdfunding platform that accepts IOTA.

Unlike existing distributed financing platforms, we are IOTA specific and implement stricter safeguards to protect backers and legitimize project leaders and their teams.

Concept Validation

See how the market responds to your project and focus on executing with less over a longer period time.


Unlike existing crowdfunding services, we place a premium on accountability to ensure project commitment.

Increased Trust

We recommend smaller funding targets and weekly progress reports to reduce risk to all parties.

Project Leaders & Teams

You have your vision and identified a problem that needs solving. Let the market decide how valuable it is. If you don’t succeed on your initial attempt, iterate and try again.

Project Backers

Experience or knowledge in your field allows you identify the need for proposed solutions - or you simply love what you see. Whether local, national, or international projects, you see the benefits to yourself, your organization, and the world.

Who we look for

We actively seek out individuals, teams, and organizations who are pursuing the impossible. Most importantly, we look for and support those who are truly committed to their missions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable, explore, and support design of intelligent and globally distributed solutions through digital finance. To achieve this, we leverage the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as described by the United Nations as a guide and benchmark. We expect a large number of projects unrelated to these goals to be listed, however we encourage project leaders to consider them as they prepare for their long term objectives.

Pricing and Fees

A 15% fee is retained for all successfully completed campaigns. 85% of funds contributed goes to project teams.


Free forever with basic features and more goodies to come.



Launch Pad

Best for Makers, Creators, and teams up to 10 members.


499 MIOTA/yr
A/O 10/01/20


Suitable for registered emerging and established brands.


1549 MIOTA/yr
A/O 10/01/20

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