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With roots stemming back to 2012, the IOTA Foundation was formally established in 2017 through the German government as a gemeinnützige Stiftung, a non-profit organization, by Dominik Schiener and David Sønstebø.
Currently, IOTA’s team boasts over 120 members in 23 countries, and has in place extensive participants, partnerships, and project initiatives worldwide and growing steadily. Existing partnerships and participants include multi-national companies such as Fujitsu, Bosch, Volkswagen, and Microsoft.
IOTA’s vision is to be the foundation of all connected things in the machine to machine (M2M) economy.
By extension, this includes the human to machine to machine to human (H2M2M2H) economy. To achieve this they adopted a network architecture beyond a blockchain, which is free of energy resource intensive mining and fees.
This architecture, coined the Tangle, is based on a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and is the first permissionless and feeless protocol. Not only is the Tangle free of mining and fees, but also scalable and quantum proof, making it highly attractive for development.
Learn more about the IOTA Foundation at www.iota.org
Nodes in the Tangle confirming transactions by verifying two previous transactions. No mining necessary.


Our decision to create on IOTA goes beyond the often promoted scalability, open, feeless, and quantum secure traits. When we first studied IOTA we were intrigued with its pragmatic design and departure from such an intense focus on blockchain DLT – we like things that are different.

Furthermore, the initial core founders extensive and meandering backgrounds prove how serious, inquisitive, and focused they are on the future. In the face of intense scrutiny, we have seen consistent confidence in the IOTA Foundation from global corporations, team expansion, and technical development.

While IOTA has managed to minimize hype; the most honorable feature of the project is how they executed their crowd sale in 2015. At the time, a majority of ICO campaigns withheld up to 40% in crowdfunding contributions. The IOTA project maintained 0% and offered the community 100% of the available token supply of which nearly 5% of the total supply was donated back to the project.

Foregoing the opportunity to raise considerable funds, the team put the project first with the foresight to know it would impact its future. This is an approach we can align with.

Open & Permissionless

Like the original Bitcoin Blockchain, the IOTA Tangle is an open and permissionless ledger anyone can create on.

No Blocks & No Miners

Unlike the original Bitcoin Blockchain, the IOTA Tangle does away with blocks and energy consuming mining by design.

Feeless & Quantum Secure

The Tangle is feeless due to the unneeded step of mining and block creation. In the future, it will also be Quantum secure.

Pragmatism & Partnerships

Focus on simplicity and practicality makes for a pragmatic protocol. Validation is shown through their extensive partnerships.

We are a proud member of the IOTA Evangelist Network (IEN). The IEN is a group of technology evangelists formed in 2017.

Membership spans 40+ countries and maintains a breadth of domain experience – journalists, NPO representatives, corporate representatives, software developers, entrepreneurs, and more.

The role of the IEN is to educate, support, and promote the values and mission of the IOTA Foundation and the Tangle protocol as a standard in the M2M economy and 4th Industrial Revolution. To that end, members can be found delivering presentations or collaborating on projects. For more information, visit the IEN website at www.ien.io

As a member of the IOTA Evangelist Network, KKGIX is also a proud champion and representative of the IOTA Japan network. The IOTA Japan community is home to those interested in the M2M economy, IOT, robots, or even the broader crypto industry. Everyone is welcome to join and existing members are encouraged to spread awareness of this advanced distributed ledger technology.

If you would like to be a part of the IOTA Japan community, join our Facebook group or Meetup page. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly about the community and the Japan market.

IOTA communities have been established around the world. If you are interested in joining your local IOTA community, visit www.ien.io

IOTA: The Ledger of Everything

IOTA is the first open-source distributed ledger being built to power the future of the Internet of Things Industry 4.0.

What is IOTA?

This video by Simply Explained, introduces what the IOTA Tangle is and what the differences are between it and a traditional blockchain.

Understanding IOTAs token supply

How is IOTA measured? What is Piota, Tiota, Giota, Miota, Kiota? Users familiar with measurements in Bitcoin or Satoshis often confuse how Iota is expressed.

Data is the new oil

Alexander Renz, Director of New Mobility Lab explains how individuals will be masters of the data they create and how the foundation of all future transactions is data driven.

IOTA Data Marketplace

IOTAs Data Marketplace was revealed in November 2017 after 2 years of development. Currently, a limited number of participants is testing the platform. Read more about the Data Marketplace at David Sonstebo's official post.

100 Billion Reasons Why

Terry Shane delivers a keynote presentation at the 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference in Toronto sharing reasons why IOTA is the backbone of the internet of everything. Terry is a member of the IEN and CEO of Refined Data Solutions and Founder of the Toronto bIOTAsphere.

Qubic Protocol

IOTA's Qubic layer enables quorum-based computations. In short, oracles, outsourced computations, and smart contracts are made functional on top of the Tangle. Although still a work in progress, Qubic will leverage existing binary and trinary based hardware (aka Jinn, also developed by IOTA) through the use of Abra, a trinary based functional programming language. To learn more about Qubic visit: www.qubic.iota.org

IOTA Use Case Gallery

In its current form the IOTA Tangle can perform quite a number of solutions across a wide range of industries. Visit the IOTA Use Case Gallery for a sample of possibilities.

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