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IOTA External Resources

Find useful IOTA links to: The IOTA Foundation, community, wallet, development tools.

KKGIX Knowledge Base

Find answers to common questions about KKGIX and more here or feel free to contact us.

KKGIX Communities

Join our social media community channels on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium.

IOTA External Resources

Learn more about IOTA below.

KKGIX Communities

We set up these communities for you. We'll stop by from time to time to chat, answer your questions, and get to know you.


The best way to support us is to contribute to IOTA projects listed in the IOTA Distributed Fundraising platform, promote them online, and to share what we do. We are bootstrapping it the old fashioned way for now and welcome support from the community who share in our mission. Register for free as a Contributor to support projects, here!

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